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Windows NT Command Line Syntax

Parameters    Command Line Parameters  %1  %~f1 
Variables     Creating and reading environment variables
Redirection   Spooling output to a file, piping input

Looping constructs
   IF THEN ELSE  Conditional Execution
   loops         Loops and Subroutines

Evaluating expressions
   Using brackets to Group and expand expressions
   SET /A        Environment variable arithmetic
   VarSubstring  Extract part of a variable (substring)
   VarSearch     Search & replace part of a variable
   Escape chars, delimiters and quotes

   NT Permissions explained
   Recovery      The Recovery Console
   Services      List of Windows Services
   autoexec.?    Running commands at startup
   cpanel.zip    Shortcuts for all NT/2K/XP control panel applets

Batch Files for NT/2K/XP
   DateMath.zip  Add or subtract days from any date
   GetDate       Get todays date (any region, any OS)
   GetTime       Get the time now  
   DelOlder      Delete files more than n days old

   general advice Common Batch file problems 

For more examples see recommended Win NT/Win 2000 books 

Simon Sheppard