NT Syntax

TLIST (Resource Kit)

Task List.

Shows the command, command line, working directory, memory usage and DLLs for each running task.

      TLIST -t
      TLIST pid
      TLIST -t pid
      TLIST pattern
      TLIST -t pattern

   -t   : Show Task dependencies in Tree form
   pid  : List module information for this task
          if no PID is given - all Tasks are listed
pattern : A complete task name or expression pattern (e.g. CMD.*)
          if a pattern is given it will match against
          task names or window titles.


The following batch file will show the full path of all running programs.

@ECHO off
FOR /f "tokens=1" %%G in ('tlist') DO (call :s_item %%G)
GOTO :eof

tlist %1 | find "CmdLine"

Some key Windows 2000 system files...

Csrss.exe    (Win32 subsystem process) : Create and delete Win32 subprocesses/threads
HAL.DLL      (hardware abstraction layer)
Kernel32.dll (GDI and User subsystem dlls)
LSASS.exe    (LSA) Validates authentication data and creates access token
Ntdll.dll    (interface to executive functions)
Ntoskrnl.exe (WinNT kernel and executive)
Psxss.exe    (OS2SS.EXE) : Posix (OS2) subsystem
Services.exe (service controller) Start and stop NT services
SMSS.exe     (Session Manager)
Win32K.sys   (GDI and User kernel mode)
Winlogon.exe (logon process) Handles logon, calls UNSERINIT.EXE to create user proc

"The longer the title, the less important the job." - George McGovern

Related Commands:
The freeware PSLIST from www.sysinternals.com
PSTAT - display running tasks including all Process Threads.
MEM - Display memory usage
WINMSD - Windows NT Diagnostics (including Physical Memory)

Equivalent Linux BASH commands:

time - Measure Program Resource Use
times - User and system times

Simon Sheppard