NT Syntax


Display or set the system time.

      TIME [new_time]
TIME /T key new_time : The time as HH:MM TIME with no parameters will display the current time and prompt for a new value. Pressing ENTER will keep the same time. /T : Just display the time, formatted according to the current Regional settings.

Time Formatting

In Control Panel, Regional settings a Time Appearance can be set. This can be used to change the separator, and the number of characters used to display hours and minutes.

To display the time including Seconds:

ECHO.| TIME will display the time, including seconds and hundredths of a second

Time Format information in the Registry

The Country Code is a user setting in the registry:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\International]

The Country Code can be read using REG.exe as follows

FOR /F "TOKENS=2,3*" %%A IN ('REG QUERY "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\International\iCountry"') DO (FOR %%G in (%%A) DO (SET v_country=%%G)) 

The time separator is also a registry setting

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\International]

The time separator can be read using REG.exe as follows

FOR /F "TOKENS=2,3*" %%A IN ('REG QUERY "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\International\sTime"') DO (FOR %%G in (%%A) DO (SET v_time_sep=%%G))

The time formats for different country codes are as follows:

   Country or language   CountryCode  Date format Time format

United States 001 01/03/1994 5:35:00.00p
Czechoslovakia 042 03.01.1994 17:35:00 France 033 03.01.1994 17:35:00
Germany 049 03.01.1994 17:35:00
Latin America 003 03/01/1994 5:35:00.00p International English 061 03/01/1994 17:35:00.00
Portugal 351 03-01-1994 17:35:00
Finland 358 3.1.1994 17.35.00

Switzerland 041 03.01.94 17 35.00 Norway 047 03.01.94 17:35:00
Belgium 032 03/01/94 17:35:00 Brazil 055 03/01/94 17:35:00
Italy 039 03/01/94 17.35.00 United Kingdom 044 03/01/94 17:35:00.00

Denmark 045 03-01-94 17.35.00
Netherlands 031 03-01-94 17:35:00
Spain 034 3/01/94 17:35:00
Hungary 036 1994.01.03 17:35:00
Canadian-French 002 1994-01-03 17:35:00 Poland 048 1994-01-03 17:35:00
Sweden 046 1994-01-03 17.35.00

If Command Extensions are disabled TIME will not support the /T switch

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Related Commands:

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NOW - Display Message with Current Date and Time
TIMESERV - Time Service (resource kit)
W32TIME - Time Service (y2K compliant update for TIMESERV)
Timethis - Time how long it takes the system to run a command. (Win 2K ResKit)
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Equivalent Linux BASH commands:

date - Display or change the date & time

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