NT Syntax

SUBINACL.exe (NT 4 Server Resource kit supplement 3)

Display or modify Access Control Entries (ACEs) for file and folder Permissions, Ownership and Domain.

Access Control Lists apply only to files stored on an NTFS formatted drive, each ACL determines which users (or groups of users) can read or edit the file. When a new file is created it normally inherits ACL's from the folder where it was created.

      SUBINACL [/noverbose] /object_type object_name [/action=parameter]
object_type : service e.g. /service Messenger \\ServerName\Messenger keyreg e.g. /keyreg HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software /keyreg \\Srv\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\KeyPath file e.g. /file *.obj /file c:\test.txt /file \\ServerName\Share\Path subdirectories manipulate files in specified directory and all subdirectories object_name : This will vary according to the object_type - see the examples above action : setowner=owner will change the owner of the object e.g. /setowner=MyDomain\Administrators replace=SamName\OldAccount=DomainName\New_Account will replace all ACE (Audit and Permissions) in the object e.g. /replace=MyOldDomain\Finance=NEWDOM\Finance changedomain=OldDomainName=NewDomainName will replace all ACEs with a Sid from OldDomainName with the equivalent Sid found in NewSamServer e.g. /changedomain=MyOldDomain=NEWDOMAIN This option requires a trust relationship with the server containing the object.


See subinacl /help for examples of changing a domain

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Equivalent Linux BASH commands:

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