NT Syntax
SHUTGUI.exe (Resource Kit)

Shutdown the computer

      SHUTGUI [\\computername] [/l] [/a] [/r] [/t:xx] ["msg"] [/Y] [/c] [/?] 

   \\Computer  : A remote computer to shutdown.
/L : A local shutdown. "Msg" : An optional shutdown message
/R : Shutdown and reboot /T:xx : Set the timer for system shutdown in seconds.[20 sec. default] /A : Abort a system shutdown during the timeout period. /Y : Answer all following questions with yes /C : Force running applications to close. ATTENTION: If you use the /C parameter shutdown will not prompt for File-Save in any open applications. This will result in a loss of all unsaved data!!!

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Related Commands:

SHUTDOWN - A command line only version of SHUTGUI.exe
LOGOFF - Log off a user.

Equivalent Linux BASH commands:

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