NT Syntax


Delete folder(s)

      RD pathname
      RD /S pathname
      RD /S /Q pathname
   /S  : Delete all files and subfolders
         in addition to the folder itself.
         Use this to remove an entire folder tree.

   /Q  : Quiet - do not display YN confirmation

Place any long pathnames in double quotes.

You can remove several folders in one command by listing the pathname to each.

RD c:\docs\Jan c:\docs\Feb "c:\My Documents\Mar"

RMDIR is a synonym for RD

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Related commands:
CD - Create folder(s)
DEL - Delete selected files from an entire folder tree
Delrp - Delete a file/directory and NTFS reparse points.(Win 2K ResKit)

Equivalent Linux BASH commands:

rmdir - Remove folder(s)
rm -rf - Delete directory recursively

Simon Sheppard