NT Syntax


Print a file or files to a local or network printer.

      PRINT [/D:device] [pathname(s)]

   device   : either a local printer (LPTx, COMx )
              or a network printer by its sharename (\\servername\print_share)

   pathname : The file or files to be printed

The default device is PRN. The values PRN and LPT1 refer to the same parallel port.

To delete a print job:

Use Control Panel, Printers (GUI) or use

It is possible to delete the relevant .spl and .shd files from
but the .spl file for a print job at the top of the print queue cannot be deleted.

Printing requires the Spooler service to be running

Related Commands:

NET PRINT - View and Delete print jobs
DEL - Delete one or more files.
Defptr - Default Printer. (Win 2K ResKit)
DEFPRINT - Command line utility to set the default printer - download from: http://www.tardis.ed.ac.uk/~sda/defprint
Print Notification - this is set under Control Panel, Printers, File, Server Properties, Advanced

Equivalent Linux BASH commands:

printf - Format and print data

Simon Sheppard