NT Syntax

PERMS.exe (NT Resource Kit / Standard in Win 2000)

Display a user's ACL access permissions for a file. Output from PERMS may be misleading in cases where a user has inherited permission through membership of an NT workgroup.

      PERMS [account] [path] options
account : username or [domain\|computer\]username path : name of a file or folder in any legal format including UNC names Wildcards (* and/or ?) are permitted. /i : interactively logged on to the computer where the path resides. (rather than being connected via the network) /s : include subfolders Access Description R Read file/folder. W Write file/folder. X Execute file. D Delete file or folder. May be inherited from the parent folder via 'Delete Subfolder and Files' permission. P Change Permission. O Take Ownership. A General All - No Access * The specified user is the owner of the file or folder. # A group the user is a member of owns the file or folder. ? Permisssions cannot be determined.

Related Commands:

CACLS - Display or modify Access Control Lists (ACLs) for files and folders
SHOWACL - Show file Access Control Lists (win 2000)
SUBINACL - Change an ACL's user/domain (use when the file owner has moved to a new domain)
ATTRIB - Display or change file attributes
XCACLS - Display or modify Access Control Lists (ACLs) for files and folders

Equivalent Linux BASH commands:

chmod - Change access permissions
chown - Change file owner and group

Simon Sheppard