NT Syntax

PATHPING (Windows 2000 only)

IP trace utility.

      PATHPING [-n] [-h max_hops] [-g host-list] [-p period]
         [-q num_queries] [-w timeout] [-t] [-R] [-r] target_name

   -n               Don't resolve addresses to hostnames
   -h max_hops      Max number of hops to search
   -g host-list     Loose source route along host-list
   -p period        Wait between pings (milliseconds)
   -q num_queries   Number of queries per hop
   -w timeout       Wait timeout for each reply (milliseconds)
   -T               Test each hop with Layer-2 priority tags
   -R               Test if each hop is RSVP aware

Related Commands:

BROWSTAT - Get domain, browser and PDC info
IPCONFIG - IP Configuration
NETSTAT - Display networking statistics (TCP/IP)
PING - Test a network connection
TRACERT - Trace route to a remote host

Equivalent Linux BASH commands:

ping - Test a network connection
trace - Find the IP address of a remote host.

Simon Sheppard