NT Syntax

NETSVC.exe (Resource Kit)

Command-line Service Controller. Start, Stop and Query services, but does not cover creating or deleting them. Although part of the Win 2K resource kit - this command runs fine under NT 4.

      NETSVC \\server command servicename 

   server      : The workstation or server where the service is running

   servicename : The Name of the service, unlike the SC command this will
                 accept either the DisplayName or the service name


        /list     Lists installed services. Omit servicename with this command. 
        /query    Query the status of a service. 
        /start    Start the specified service. 
        /stop     Stop the specified service. 
        /pause    Pause the specified service. 
        /continue Restart a paused service. 

Arguments can be specified in any order:

NETSVC /query \\Server299 "DHCP Client"

NETSVC "DHCP Client" \\Server299 /query

Related Commands:

SC - Service Control - Create, Create remotely, Start, Stop, Query, Delete.
NET - manage network resources
SCLIST - Display NT Services
INSTSRV - Install an NT service (run under a specific account)
DELSRV - Delete NT service
START /HIGH - Start a specified program or command.
Svcmon - Monitor services and raise an alert if they stop. (Win 2K ResKit)

Q166819 - Control Services Remotely

Equivalent Linux BASH commands:

Simon Sheppard