NT Syntax
NETSH (Win2k Resource Kit, standard command in XP)

Configure interfaces, routing protocols, filters, routes, RRAS, .

      NETSH [-r router name] [-a AliasFile] [-c Context] [Command | -f ScriptFile]

    context may be any of:
DHCP, ip, ipx, netbeui, ras, routing, autodhcp, dnsproxy, igmp, mib, nat, ospf, relay, rip, wins. Under Windows XP the available contexts are: AAAA, DHCP, DIAG, IP, RAS, ROUTING, WINS To display a list of commands that can be used in a context, type the context name followed by a space and a ? at the netsh> command prompt. e.g. netsh> routing ? command may be any of: /exec script_file_name Load the script file and execute commands from it. /offline Set the current mode to offline. changes made in this mode are saved, but require a "commit" or "online" command to be set in the router. /online Set the current mode to online. Changes in this mode are immediately reflected in the router. /commit Commit any changes made in the offline mode to the router. /popd Pop a context from the stack. /pushd Push current context onto the stack. /set mode [mode =] online | offline Set the current mode to online or offline. /abort Discard changes made in offline mode. /add helper DLL-name Install the helper .dll file in netsh.exe. /delete helper .dll file name Remove the helper .dll file from Netsh.exe. /show alias list all defined aliases. /show helper list all top-level helpers. /show mode show the current mode. /alias List all aliases. /alias [alias_name] Display the string value of the alias. /alias [alias_name] [string1] [string2 ...] Set alias_name to the specified strings. /unalias alias_name Delete an alias. /dump - file name Dump or append configuration to a text file. /bye Exit NETSH /exit Exit NETSH /quit Exit NETSH /h Display help /help Display help /? Display help

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Equivalent Linux BASH commands:

route -

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