NT Syntax
MOVEUSER.exe (Windows 2000 Resource Kit)

Move a user account into a different domain or edit an NT username (by changing the profile security).

      MOVEUSER [DOMAIN/]user1 [DOMAIN/]user2 [/c:computer] [/k] [/y]


   user1   The existing user (who has a local profile)
           Specify domain users in 'DOMAIN/user' format
           or just 'user' for a local account. 

   user2   The user acount that will inherit the user1 profile.
           This account must already exist.
           Specify domain users in DOMAIN/user format
           specify only user for local accounts.

/c:computer   The computer on which to make the changes. 

   /k      Keep user account user1 (only applies to local users) 

   /y      Overwrite any existing profile for user2.

This command does not run on NT 4.0

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