NT Syntax


Display memory usage.

      MEM /C
      MEM /D
      MEM /P
/P List programs in memory with the memory address and size of each /D List Programs(as /P) and also Devices /C List programs in conventional memory and list programs in upper memory

MEM will only display details about the current CMD shell environment, programs running in a separate shell (or WIN32 programs) will not be listed - so it won't tell you anything about total memory usage.

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Related Commands:

DisablePagingExecutive - Q184419 (use this when >500M RAM is available)

Increase desktop heap memory for non-interactive processes - Q126962 (SharedSection=1024,3072,3072)
note that NT 4 has a system wide limit of ~48MB for all desktops, so a 3M heap will allow a max 16 processes while 512K heap will allow a max 96 processes.

CLEARMEM (Resource Kit) - Clear Memory Leaks
WINMSD - Windows NT Diagnostics (including Physical Memory)
GUI Task Manager - for all program details including Win32 applications.
TLIST - Task List

Equivalent Linux BASH commands:

free -t - Display a summary of current memory usage and availability.

Simon Sheppard