NT Syntax

LOCAL (Resource kit)

Display membership of local groups on remote servers or remote domains.

      LOCAL group_name domain_name | \\server
   group_name	The local group.
   domain_name	A network domain.
   \\server	A network server.


Local "Power Users" Scotland

Displays the members of the group 'Power Users' in the Scotland domain.

Local Administrators \\9G_Server

Displays the members of the group Administrators on server 9G_Server.

Related commands

NET GROUP - Manage network resources
NET LOCALGROUP - Manage network resources
FINDGRP - Display group memberships of a user
GLOBAL - Display membership of global groups.
GetDC - Get domain controller
Cusrmgr - Console User Manager. (Win 2K ResKit)

Equivalent Linux BASH commands:

groups - Print group names a user is in
id - Print user and group id's
uname - Print system information

Simon Sheppard