NT Syntax

KILL (Resource kit)

Remove a running process from memory.

      KILL [option] process_id
      KILL [option] task_name
      KILL [option] window_title

        -f     Force process kill

Note: Kill -f basically just nukes the process from existence, potentially leaking a lot of memory and losing any data that the process hadn't committed to disk yet. It is there for worst case scenarios - when you absolutely must end the process now, and don't care whether proper cleanup gets done or not.

In WindowsXP, KILL is replaced with the superior TASKKILL - Allowing you to specify a remote computer, different user account etc - for more details run TASKKILL /?

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Related Commands:

TLIST - List running tasks
NET - Stop a service from running
NET FILE - Force an open file to close
RKILL - Remote Kill (Resource Kit) view or kill processes on a remote server

Q171773 - Kill a background process
Q178893 - Terminate an Application "Cleanly" in Win32
An alternative version of Kill is available at www.sysinternals.com

Equivalent Linux BASH commands:

kill - Kill a process

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