NT Syntax

CON2PRT.exe (Zero Admin Kit)

Add a network printer to the Control Panel - Printers folder, and/or Disconnect a printer.

Note that the NET USE command can map a network printer to an LPT port (for DOS type applications that print to a port.) but this would not add the printer to Control Panel - Printers.

All commands issued using this utility will affect only the user currently logged in. Con2prt is therefore ideal for managing NETWORK printer connections when used in a login script.

      CON2PRT /f
      CON2PRT /c \\PrintServer\PrintShare
      CON2PRT /cd \\PrintServer\PrintShare

       /f  - remove all network printer connections
       /c  - connect to \\PrintServer\PrintShare
       /cd - connect to and set PrintShare as the default printer       

Several switches can be combined in one command line. So you can remove all connections before adding new ones all in one command, you can only specify one default printer.

Available for free download at:

Related Commands:

NET VIEW - to view a list of printers

Equivalent Linux BASH commands:

lpc - Line printer control program
lpr - Off line print
lprint - Print a file
lprintd - Abort a print job
lprintq - List the print queue
lprm - Remove jobs from the print queue

Simon Sheppard