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Windows Books...

Windows NT Shell Scripting
by Tim Hill.

A great book that starts with the how and why of NT shell scripting and moves on to building advanced and useful scripts.
e.g. automate adding NT user accounts - download the scripts from the New Riders Website
Also covers how to use tools from the Resource Kit.
After writing this book Tim Hill was recruited by Microsoft.


Mastering Windows 2000 Server
by Mark Minasi et al.

A great all round guide - written with depth, clarity and a sense of humour. This book will get you up to speed on AD, DHCP, DNS and all the other new stuff including a few undocumented features.

For a taster of Mark's writing try subscribing to his newsletter at minasi.com


Mark Minasi's Windows 2000 Resource Kit
by Mark Minasi.

Mastering Windows 2000 Server (as described above) plus 3 other books covering, Windows 2000 Workstation, Registry and Active Directory.


Inside Active Directory: A System Administrator's Guide
by Sakari Kouti, Mika Seitsonen
Practical strategies for managing and Scripting Active Directory. The preface, scripts and errata are at kouti.com



Resource Kits + Downloadable updates

Win 2000 Server Resource Kit
By Microsoft Corp
The essential documentation set plus Tools and Utilities.
There is also a version for Win 2000 Professional

A selection (but not all) of the RK tools can be downloaded from MS the download includes a few bug fixes!


NT 4 Workstation Resource Kit
By Microsoft Corp
The essential documentation set plus Tools and Utilities.

A selection (but not all) of the RK tools can be downloaded from MS there is also a download for NT Server the final supplement like NT 4 and it's resource kits will start to disappear from the retail channel in July 2002.

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Windows Software

Windows XP Professional - Full edition

Windows XP Professional - Upgrade


Windows 2000 Professional - Full Version

Windows 2000 Professional - Upgrade

Windows 2000 Professional - Licence only


Running Internet Explorer?

Check your browser for Parasites - this is a good check to run before using your credit card online.


Windows 2000 - Official Documentation and downloadable Help Files from Microsoft
Steve Hardy - NT command line scripting
JSIinc.com - NT Tipster
FP Schultze - NT Batch files
NT FAQ.com
NT BugTraq.com
dmoz - batch

Command Line scripting Newsgroups

NT 4 and Win 2K - alt.msdos.batch.nt
Windows 2000 - microsoft.public.win2000.cmdprompt.admin
Win 95/DOS - alt.msdos.batch

NT Utilities

sysinternals.com - pstools - an excellent collection of `Resource Kit - like` utilities.
swynk.com - Utilities for remote install
somarsoft.com - Hyena, DumpEvt, DumpSec
cmdtools.com - Wav.exe, EjectCD
David Thomas - Tamedos.com
PC-tools.net - Dir2Html, Trim
Boot Floppy Disk
Execsoft UnDelete
Lost NT password
FP Westlake - Freeware

For unix diehards...

Cygwin.com - BASH for Win32.
Other Win32 ports of BASH are here are here

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