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Linux BASH syntax

Parameters    Shell parameters
Variables     Environment variables
Arrays        Array Variables
Redirection Spooling to and from files Pipes Redirect the output from one command as input for another

Looping constructs:

   IF THEN ELSE Conditional Execution
   if           Conditionally perform a command
for Expand words, and execute commands until Execute commands (until error) while Execute commands

The break and continue builtins may be used to control loop execution.

Evaluating expressions

   Using brackets to Group and expand expressions
Conditional expressions
Arithmetic expressions Escape Chars, delimiters and Quotes Command Substitution

Note that wherever a `;' appears in the description of a command's syntax, it may be replaced with one or more newlines.

Scripts       Writing Shell Scripts
vi editor     A one page reference to the editor commands
Job Control   Suspend and resume a process
Prompt        Prompt variable
###           Comment / Remark

For examples of all the above see my recommended Linux/UNIX books 

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