Conditionally perform a command. The test-commands list is executed, and if its return status is zero, the consequent-commands list is executed.

      if test-commands; then
      [elif more-test-commands; then
      [else alternate-consequents;]

If test-commands returns a non-zero status, each elif list is executed in turn, and if its exit status is zero, the corresponding more-consequents is executed and the command completes.

If `else alternate-consequents' is present, and the final command in the final if or elif clause has a non-zero exit status, then alternate-consequents is executed.

The return status is the exit status of the last command executed, or zero if no condition tested true.

Related commands:

case - Conditionally perform a command
expr - Evaluate expressions
eval - Evaluate several commands/arguments
for - Expand words, and execute commands
gawk - Find and Replace text within file(s)
m4 - Macro processor
until - Execute commands (until error)
while - Execute commands

Equivalent Windows NT commands:

IF - Conditionally perform a command

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Simon Sheppard