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Problem with VC90 redistributables

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I was facing a problem trying to run my application still compiled in debug in another machine (not a developer one, in other words without Visual Studio installed). Looking the Windows Logs -> Application appears this error:

Activation context generation failed for “C:\Projects\MyProgram.dll”.Error in manifest or policy file “C:\Projects\Microsoft.VC90.DebugCRT.MANIFEST” on line 4. Component identity found in manifest does not match the identity of the component requested. Reference is Microsoft.VC90.DebugCRT,processorArchitecture=”amd64″,publicKeyToken=”1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b”,type=”win32″,version=”9.0.21022.8″. Definition is Microsoft.VC90.DebugCRT,processorArchitecture=”amd64″,publicKeyToken=”1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b”,type=”win32″,version=”9.0.30729.4148″. Please use sxstrace.exe for detailed diagnosis.

The simple way to solve this was to edit the Microsoft.VC90.DebugCRT.MANIFEST file and change the version to the one that I have installed on the machine (in the case the VS 2008 redistributable download from here), so the begining of end file looks like:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<assembly xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v1" manifestVersion="1.0">
<assemblyIdentity type="win32" name="Microsoft.VC90.DebugCRT" version="9.0.21022.8" 
                        processorArchitecture="amd64" publicKeyToken="1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b">

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março 14th, 2011 at 11:16 pm

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