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How to Capture Screenshots from Windows Media Player

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Grabing a screenshot from Window Media Player is not so easy as it seems. Yesterday I tried to use the extremely useful screen capture by ‘Print Screen Key’ to try to capture a wmv running file on my Windows media player classic V10. But whenever I tried to use the print screen, a blank image was captured from the windows media player

Free simple way to capture Images from Windows Media Player

* Open Window Media Player
* Then go to Tools | Options
* In Options, select the Performance Tab
* Way below you click on the Advanced Button
* Uncheck “Use Overlays’
* Click Ok
* And you are ready.

PS: Sometimes you need to restart the application that user WMP or the WMP itself.

tip from: www.quickonlinetips.com/archives/2005/03/capture-images-from-windows-media-player/

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